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Quality One Tools Home WinSPC

WinSPC is software to help manufacturers optimize their processes, the end goal of which is the ultimate goal of all manufacturers – the highest quality products for the lowest possible cost. Firmly rooted in the science of SPC, WinSPC facilitates real-time statistical process control, in-depth analysis for process improvement, reporting to meet a diverse range of information needs, and contains system-wide features to help manufacturers comply with regulatory requirements.

WinSPC Software

It’s easy to implement, easy to learn, and, perhaps most importantly, very easy to administer–with many tasks being able to be done in a single mouseclick.
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Quality One Tools Home Decision Making Modelling

Sound decision making is the cornerstone of organisational success and informs how, as individuals, we perform our work and plot the course of our lives. Decisions can range from the simple to the highly complex, where complexity depends on many factors. Such factors include the number of options to consider in the decision, the consequences of the decision, the volume of information involved, the number of constraints encapsulated in the decision, and the risks inherent in the outcome.

While some decisions may be almost reflex, made easily and quickly without significant formal analysis, other decisions may require significant effort to collate relevant information, identify constraints and remediate risks. In some cases, it may take a team to assemble all relevant data, apply robust decision making processes, and ultimately take a judgement call on the correct outcome.

When making decisions, there are times when the amount of information to collect and the need to "get it right the first time" can be overwhelming. It is at times like these when we may benefit from a tool or system that can help us to organise our decision making process, keep all information in one place and allow us to return to it at any time with all of the key characteristics of the decision available for review. The need for a tool or system is magnified when many decisions need to be made simultaneously. Decision Making Modelling provides the process that allows the complexities of multiple decisions (whether simple or complex) to be considered while collating all decision information and criteria in the right place at the right time.

Decision Making Modelling

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Quality One Tools Home iProgent™

Quality One believes Big Data and Management Systems should go hand in hand. Management systems need to be enabled by the Big Data era to allow organisations to make data driven decisions without the administrative burden that management systems require. This can be achieved through a robust approach to each of the elements that are contained within a management system. This allows management systems to become Enterprise Integrated Management Systems and have the elements of the management system connected to enhance deeper analysis and better decisions.

A tool in current development iProgent™ plans to deliver modules in a management system that allows it to be integrated and delivers to the organisation the ability to make data driven decisions and anlayse those decisions as affects on the management system and organisation itself - all while lowering the administrative burden of the management system.


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Quality One Tools Home iProgent™ Tracker

Tracking projects in a program of work should allow program leads to deliver program status reports in short succint statements that convey the current value of the program whether projects have been completed, the status of the program and forward look at when projects become business as usual. By breaking the components of the project type into sections and using the projected value of the project the current state of the overall program can be obtained. Each project lead needs the discipline of reporting progress of each project component on a regular basis for a real time program view to be obtained.

Project Components
Component parts of the project when completed across all projects reveals strenghts and weaknesses of those running the projects and the ability of the organisation to deliver that component. This can allow the program to alter its course to suit gaps in the organisational competency.

Project Tracker Components

Project Completion
Through completion of the components a veiw of all projects progress can be obtained.
Project Tracker Completion

Project Value
Each project needs to have a prject value either through Cost of Poor Quality gains, implementation of new equipment or processes, or larger asset management projects.
Project Tracker Project Value

Project Unrealised Funds
Unrealised funds are the value of the project at is current completion level based on its overall value. If the project is stopped all the effort to that will be unrealised and lost to the organisation. Unrealised funds allow a measure of the project to be obtained aligned to other projects as projects are being completed.
Project Tracker Unrealised Funds

Project Overall Value
Program value can then be tracked overtime. This can be achieved by using the same data set generated by project leads in their regular report check up.
Project Tracker Project Overall Value

For more information on Project Trackers click here for a Lean Six Sigma Example

Quality One Tools Home APQP-Professional

APQP Professional

Quality One aims to realise the need for Big Data to meet the APQP and New Product Introduction Process. This will allow organisations to obtain a legacy history of products as new products are being developed following the APQP Process. APQP Professional is product under development through Online Process Systems and aims to deliver intelligent, robust and connected data in the APQP Process to facilitate the real time review of past data whenever it is available including product partitioning, product/process/system/subsystem/component risk profiling, boundary diagrams, parameter diagrams, DFMEA, Characteristics Matrix, DVP&R, PFMEA, Control Plans and SPC data collection.

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Quality One Tools Home Process Risk Profile

The Big Data view of organisations and there structure has been highlighted in ISO9001 and in ISO9001:2015 the realisation of process risk has become a requirement of sound Enterprise Management Systems. At Quality One we believe that this should be an ingrained tenet of an organisation that allows it to make sound decisions that are data driven and can realise the risk in particular process changes that allows mitigation of risk with process change when required. This should be achieved with minimal administrative burden albeit with initial effort to set up the process hierarchy and process chain in the organisation.

Process Risk Profile

For more information on how process risk profiling is conducted Click Here

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