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Quality One Phone and Tablet Applications

Requirements Development Requirements Development
Application Function Document Application Function Document
Application Development Application Development
Application Testing Application Testing
Application Delivery Application Delivery

Phone and Tablet Applications Home Requirements Development

Phone and Tablet applications, as with other developments, require a sound organisation of the requirements and features that need to be delivered in the application to be developed.

In order to deliver bespoke phone and tablet applications to organisations Quality One believes a sound approach to requirements is essential to a successful implementation. In order to ascertain the requirements of the applications Quality One seeks the following:

  • The physical locations of the users?
  • Who are the intended audience?
  • What is the purpose of the application?
  • What features are required?
  • What are the usability requirements of the application?
    • Workflow Management — Establish work flows for the application
  • How will the uptake of the application be measured?
  • What are the data reporting requirements from the records entered into the application?
  • What are the usability requirements of updating the application?
  • Will the application be cloud based or held locally?
  • Is there Integration with existing tools required?
  • What are the Security Level requirements?

All these items feed into the application function document.

Phone and Tablet Applications Home Application Function Document

The application development document for Phone and Tablet applications is the primary document that delivers what is required from the application. The Application Development document includes:

  • Commercial in Confidence Statement
  • Customer Details
    • Key Contacts
  • Version Control
  • Introduction and Overview of the Application
    • Data Requirements
    • Database Structure
    • Security Requirements
    • Low Fidelity Work Flow
  • Synopsis/Breakdown of Work
  • Method of Development and Solution Architecture
  • Business Benefit Breakdown
  • Constraints and Considerations
  • Technology Platform
  • Ongoing support and continuance of code requirements
  • Internal Organisational IT Requirements
  • Costing Outline

To develop an Application Function Document for your application please contact Quality One.

Phone and Tablet Applications Home Application Development

The application development plan would include:

  • Decisions on the application requirements
  • Decisions on the platform and database for the application
    • Is the application required to work on platforms other than Phone and Tablet?
  • Decisions on the structure of the application
  • Decisions on security requirements and access to application
  • Order in which features should be developed and released
  • General training requirements and methods
  • Version 1 release requirements and target
  • Technical requirements plan
  • Coding development of each function and feature of the application
  • Personnel training requirements for release
  • Monitoring plan for data, reports and auditing

For assistance in developing your organisation phone and tablet applications please contact Quality One.

Phone and Tablet Applications Home Application Testing

Application Testing is conducted throughout the development process and as an end of development validation of the application.

Testing is based on the delivery of:

  • Functional Requirements
    • Application Development Plan
    • Low Fidelity Work Flow
  • Platform Requirements
    • Phone
    • Tablet
    • Any other required platform
  • Reporting
    • Formats
    • Data Integrity

A testing document is produced to track all actions, changes and delivery of acceptance criteria. The testing document includes:
  • Loading requirements of each page
    • As per Low Fidelity view
  • Navigational requirements of each page
    • Buttons and Links to other pages and integration with other applications, websites and tools
  • Behavioural requirements of each page
    • Forms
      • Correct entry
      • Incorrect entry
      • Unauthorised entry attempts
    • Internal elements within forms (drop downs, slide bars etc)
    • Interactive buttons and elements
  • Security requirements of each page
    • User Levels with access
    • User Levels denied access
    • Unauthorised user access
  • Data requirements of each page
    • Integration with database
    • Entry requirements
  • Reporting requirements
    • Reports match data entry
    • Report formats
      • As per Low Fidelity view
  • Work flow
    • Work flow in application end to end
      • As per Low Fidelity view

All platforms are tested within the Application Testing Documents which may go through many iterations during the development of the application.

Applications must pass final acceptance testing prior to moving to application delivery.

Phone and Tablet Applications Home Application Delivery

Application delivery is dependent on the application passing final acceptance testing. Tablet and Phone Applications are delivered via:

  • Websites
  • Phone Apps
  • Internal networks
  • Cloud based applications

Consideration is made for updates of the application as required when delivering the final product. Ongoing support contracts can be made part of the application requirements if needed by your organisation.

For assistance in phone and tablet applications or any application in your organisation please contact Quality One.

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