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Lean Six Sigma White Belt


Quality One Lean Six Sigma White Belt

Lean Six Sigma White Belt  Lean Six Sigma White Belt Training

Lean Six Sigma White Belt Lean Six Sigma White Belt
Lean Six Sigma White Belt Training Lean Six Sigma White Belt Training
Lean Six Sigma White Belt in an Organisation Lean Six Sigma White Belt in an Organisation
Lean Six Sigma Program Lean Six Sigma Program
Lean Six Sigma White Belt Tools Lean Six Sigma White Belt Tools

Lean Six Sigma White Belt Home Lean Six Sigma White Belt

Lean Six Sigma is a business process that allows organizations to drastically improve their bottom line by designing and monitoring everyday business activities in ways that minimize waste and resources while increasing customer satisfaction. The lean six sigma white belt training participant will learn techniques in assisting six sigma projects in the key phases of six sigma including an introduction to lean six sigma, tools in the Define, Measure and Control phases and an overview of the Analyse and Improve phases. This course will prepare and provide the participant with prerequisites for White Belt training. Participants and organizations requiring a project based approach to business methodology and improvement should attend this course with the view of viewing the lean six sigma DMAIC process.

Lean Six Sigma White Belt Home Lean Six Sigma White Belt Training

Lean Six Sigma White Belt Training is delivered at an awareness competency level and covers:
Session 1: Lean Six Sigma Introduction

  • Lean Six Sigma Overview
  • The History of Six Sigma
  • What is Lean Six Sigma?
  • Process Management
  • Quality Planning
  • The Sources of Variation
  • Using the Lean Six Sigma Process
  • The Opportunity Potential of Lean Six Sigma
  • What is Six Sigma?
  • Practical Meaning of Process Performance
  • Plan for Success
  • Improvement Process - DMAIC
  • Design for Six Sigma - DMADV
  • Changing the Decision Making Process
  • Lean Six Sigma Senior Management Perspective
  • How Lean Six Sigma Management Process Works
  • Lean Six Sigma Value Proposition Assumptions
  • Lean Six Sigma Middle Management Perspective
  • Lean Six Sigma Critical Success Factors
  • Lean Six Sigma Deployment
  • What Makes a Good Lean Six Sigma Project?
  • What Makes a Good Project?
  • Project Communication
  • Project Results and Project Sponsor
  • Potential Project Ideas and Project Generation
  • Lean Six Sigma Teams
  • Team Membership
  • Employee Involvement
  • Importance of Employees
  • Lean Six Sigma Roles Within an Organisation
  • Lean Six Sigma White Belts
Session 2: Define
  • Process Mapping
  • System and Processes
  • Value Stream Mapping
Session 3: Measure
  • Lean Six Sigma Statistics
  • Understanding Variation
  • Two Types of Variation
  • Normal Distribution
  • Data Collection
  • Desired Data Characteristics
  • Quality Tools
Session 4: Analyse
  • Responsibility in Analyse Phase
Session 5: Improve
  • FMEA
  • Error & Mistake Proofing
  • Types of Continual Improvement
  • Determining the Root Cause
  • Eliminating Defects
  • Approaches to Reducing Defects
Session 6: Control
  • Control Planning
  • Work Instructions
  • Control System Definition
  • Control Point
  • Escape Point
Session 7: Projects and White Belts
  • White Belt Role
  • Project Participation
Session 8: Lean Six Sigma Programs
  • Program of Work
  • Program Management v Project Management

Lean Six Sigma White Belt Home Lean Six Sigma White Belt Training in an Organisation

Within the structure of the organisation White Belt training is delivered to all personnel who require an awareness of the Lean Six Sigma Program
The Lean Six Sigma White Belt course is 1 day formal training and can be conducted onsite.
After the completion of the course, participants will be have covered:

  • Follow the DMAIC process
  • Review the requirements of a lean six sigma project
  • Review the requirements of Data Collection
  • Review the requirements of Statistical Analysis in a Lean Six Sigma Project

Lean Six Sigma White Belt Home Lean Six Sigma Program

White Belt Role
White Belt training provides the entire organization with a basic understanding of the methods, tools, and language of lean six sigma. It also teaches all employees how they can contribute their skills and ideas in the organization’s lean six sigma efforts.

  • “Awareness Level” of the organization’s Lean Six Sigma
  • Goals, Methodology, Tools
  • Knowledge of the process of how to submit ideas for potential Lean Six Sigma projects for Green and Black Belts
  • Potential “Resource Team” members
As Project Participation Lean Six Sigma White Belt personnel:
  • Project Team Member
  • Contribute to Reporting
  • Collect Data
  • Contribute Improvement Ideas
  • Implement Improvement Ideas as a Team Member
  • Assist Green and Black Belt Project Leads

Lean Six Sigma White Belt Home Lean Six Sigma White Belt Tools

Tools covered at an awareness level in Lean Six Sigma White Belt include:

  • PDCA
  • 8D
  • Process Mapping
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Normal Distribution
  • Bar Chart
  • Pareto Chart
  • Run/Line Chart
  • Cause and Effect Diagrams
  • Control Chart
  • FMEA
  • Error & Mistake Proofing
  • Statistical Process and Quality Control
  • Control Plan
  • Work Instructions

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