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Financial Services FMEA Training


Financial Services FMEA Training

Financial Services FMEA  Financial Services FMEA Consulting  Financial Services FMEA Training

Financial Services FMEA Training Content Financial Services FMEA Training Content
Financial Services FMEA Training Details Financial Services FMEA Training Details
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Financial Services FMEA Training Home Financial Services FMEA Training Content

Financial Services FMEA teaches a disciplined method to organize potential failure modes and their effects on financial processes and to establish associated resolution actions. The method can be applied to all operational processes across a financial services organisation including banking and financial planning.

FMEA is a primary tool to identify and prevent potential problems during conceptualisation, design and development of processes and the products and services they produce. Preventing problems results in faster time to market, higher throughput, higher customer satisfaction, reduced product and process rework and identification of process and operational risk including potential contravention of regulatory requirements.

Financial Services FMEA is a disciplined process risk and control analysis method with tools to aid in the identification, mitigation and reduction of process risk at all levels in the process hierarchy through discovery of causes of failure against the process requirements and implementation of control methods at appropriate points in the process chain.

After the completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify actions to prevent process failure
  • Identify process in the financial services process chain at greatest risk
  • Identify scope and priority of financial processes that require FMEA in the organisation
  • Determine operational and process risk and interaction
  • Develop Severity, Occurrence and Detection tables in organisational lexicon
  • Define Requirements of processes and process steps
  • Link process risk to process work instructions and training requirements
  • Identify Process and Process Step Failure
  • Identify severity and consequnce of process failure including organisational regulatory requirements such as:
    • Authorised Deposit Taking Institutions
    • General Insurance
    • Life Insurance and Friendly Societies
    • Private Health Insurance
    • Superannuation
  • Brainstorm and Identify Causes of Failure and their likelihood
  • Identify metrics within organisations to allocate occurrence and likelihood of causes of poor process performance
  • Identify key points of measure for regulatory and customer requirements
  • Reduce cost, rework and drive data driven decisions
  • Improve process design

Financial Services FMEA Training Home Financial Services FMEA Training Details

Duration: 2 Days

Format:  Public Courses or On site at your facility

Pricing Public Courses:  $1500+GST per participant. Click here for the next public training course in Financial Services FMEA.

Pricing Onsite:  Price on Application

Financial Services FMEA Training Contact:  Click here to enquire and email your Financial Services FMEA Training Enquiry

Financial Services FMEA Training Home Financial Services FMEA Training Locations

Financial Services FMEA Public Training Courses:

  • Australia
    • Adelaide
    • Brisbane
    • Canberra
    • Hobart
    • Melbourne
    • Sydney
    • Perth
  • New Zealand
    • Auckland
    • Wellington
  • Taiwan
    • Taichung
    • Taipei
  • United States
    • Atlanta
    • Austin Texas
    • Chicago
    • Detroit
    • Los Angeles
    • Orlando
    • San Francisco

On Site:

On site Financial Services FMEA training is available globally. Quality One can have a trainer on site at your facilities delivering the Financial Services FMEA course over 2 days. Through our global offices Quality One has delivered training and consulting in Australia, Canada, China, Europe, India, Japan, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Laos, New Zealand, Taiwan, Thailand, UK, USA.

Financial Services FMEA training can be delivered in English or Mandarin. Quality One trainers are experienced in working with translators to deliver training – allow three to fours days for training if translators are required.

Financial Services FMEA training materials can be translated to the required language. Materials can be delivered in your chosen language or in both English and your chosen language.

To receive a quote on delivery Financial Services FMEA training on site Click here and fill in the questions on the email.

Alternately fill in the form on the Quality One contact page to enquire about on site Financial Services FMEA training.

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